Meet Todd Little

Tell us about yourself.

I'm Todd Little and I am a 3rd generation Ellis County Resident. After graduation from Baylor University, I decided that Ellis County had the kind of values that I wanted to raise my children and my family in. So, we moved back from Waco Texas into the Red Oak area and we began to raise our family right here in Ellis County. I have 3 children: Tanner and Houston, my boys, are in college and Stephanie who is in high school. Tanner is a junior at Baylor and Houston is a sophomore in college at Lindenwood University in St. Louis. I met my wife Dawn at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill. 5 years later we reconnected after college and 9 months later, we were married.

Why did you decide to run for Ellis County Judge?

I have taken 12 years off from local politics. I was elected in Red Oak as mayor in 2000 and served two terms until 2006. I was term-limited after 6 years. I went back home and back to my small business to raise my family. It has been 12 years since I have been back in public service as a candidate or office holder. I have seen a lot of the news… bad news about congress, about capitol hill, and I want to be strategic about bringing the government back to the people. I have seen the government get away from the people during the Obama administration and the years of liberalism he brought. Now, I believe it is time to bring the government back to the people. I think I have the conservative values to do that. We can make the government more efficient. I believe that most people want to see the government do less in their daily lives and I think the people are tired of increased taxes and regulations that causes them difficulty in raising their family and running their business.

How has your experience as Mayor of Red Oak prepared you for this position?

When I was the mayor, it was the first time that I had been in public office. It was a brand new thing for me. The best part about it was working with the people and meeting new people every day. I saw that I could truly make a difference as a mayor. It was amazing to cast a vision for a city that really had no strategic vision at this point. And like it says in Proverbs 29:18"Without vision, people perish." We were able to get involved and do the Vision 2020, a policy statement that would make the city of Red Oak a lot different and better. It is now 2018 and a lot of those goals have been accomplished in the City of Red Oak. I'm ready to get back in. It's time for Ellis County to have a vision.


How does your experience as a small business owner prepare you for County Judge?

I am in the Human Resource management and risk management business so I deal with a lot of people and employees. I hear their complaints and hear the difficulties that business owners of small- to mid-size businesses when it comes to burdensome regulations and increase of taxes. There has been an increase of payroll taxes and an increase of property taxes. It makes it challenging from year-to-year to manage their business expenses. I think if you look back, that revenues have been disproportionate to the cost of doing business. People ultimately want government out of their business.


Your campaign slogan says that you are "A True Conservative." What does that mean?

A true conservative is someone who is on the Republican ballot that truly believes and lives their life based on Republican values. I believe that it starts with Pro-life. I am a Pro-life candidate. I was the treasurer for the Eliis County Right to Life Campaign ten years ago. I have always been a pro-life person. I believe that God has His hand in every birth and every birth is to be respected. Every birth and conception needs to be respected. In every situation God has an answer.

Lower taxes is another example of a true conservative. I think ultimately most conservatives believe that as government gets larger, it gets more powerful. The people should always have the loudest voice in government, not the politicians. In any democracy, the people have to be greater than the government.

Private property rights are very important. You hear about issues where the government comes into private property to build a city hall or a municipal building, or even building something for another business owner. If you get into the devaluing the ownership of property, and the government takes something that is not rightfully theirs, that is the unlawful use of imminent domain. The government should never be able to take someone else's property. That is the beginning of Communism when the government is stronger than the people.


What separates you from your opponent?

One thing that separates me from my opponent is that I am going to be elected as county judge, first. I am asking on the ballot to be elected as county judge. Secondly, I am a small business owner, not an attorney. I am one of the people, a resident of Ellis County. My job as County Judge would be because the people want me there, not because I want or need the job. I am truly doing this as a public service. I am also going to term-limit myself as a County Judge. The maximum that I will serve will be 12 years as County Judge, or 3 terms. Term-limits are important because of special interests. I am a person who believes in term limits because we need fresh ideas and politicians that are accountable to the people.


If there is one thing you want the voters to remember, what would it be?

One thing that you want voters to remember about you what would it be?

Number one, the voters can trust me. My wife, my family, and those I surround myself with will keep me to my conservative values, which is smaller government, and smaller taxes. So I am asking the voters if you are thinking smaller, Vote Little on March 6th.

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